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Purchasing your sod

Features of our Kentucky bluegrass hybrid

•  Dark green color

•  Leaf texture

•  Disease resistance

•  Low-growing height

•  Shade tolerance

•  Constantly upgrading

•  Pick-up

When determining how much sod you need, keep in mind that we sell by the square foot. Our sod is a four-way blend. To calculate the area needed, it may be easier to break your lawn up into smaller units like squares, circles, or triangles. Rectangles should also be included as a way to break the lawn up into smaller units.


We recommend using this link to help calculate how much sod you'll need, and add 5% to the estimate to make sure you order enough sod to cover the required area.

High quality Kentucky bluegrass

The sod you purchase from us is a specially-selected hybrid that does well in our area. The rhizome root structure allows it to spread easily and repair itself as your lawn grows.


We offer our sod both in a wholesale and retail environment to supply a wide range of customers, and we offer delivery. We do ask that you keep in mind that there will be a pallet deposit charged for each sale.

We've been selling sod in

 N. Wyoming since 1973.

Call today to discuss our sod pricing.

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